The electronic music record pool for independent artists.

Save Time

Finding great new music for your sets takes a long time. Use RavePool and get new music delivered to your screen ready for download.

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No Need for

Streaming services, distributors, record labels, they all want their cut of your music. Use RavePool and cut out all that lost revenue and lost time managing it.

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Always Up To Date

All the music available on RavePool has been added by artists within the last 3 months, so your sets are always fresh and up to date.

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A Proper Return
On Your Effort

Your music is valuable and worth more than fractions of a penny. RavePool has been designed to give artists a proper and decent return for their music.

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Save Money and
Support Artists Directly

Your subscription to RavePool is always the same price so you know exactly how much you're spending on music this month, with most of that money going directly to the artists. Download fewer tracks from a few artists this month? They'll get much more money than any other service will give them.

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Absolutely Free For Artists

Why lose money before you've even started? RavePool is FREE for artists to join and start uploading music for their fans to enjoy.

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What People Are Saying About Us

RavePool has been designed by staff familiar with all parts of the electronic music scene, whether it be the DJ, record label or producer. We strive to ensure it's a service fair to everyone.
Here's what people think about us.

RavePool is going to help up and coming artists and help DJs like me find new underground music really quicky - can't fault that!

Mark Archer


The current dance music scene - with all of its incredible diversity and vibrancy - simply would not exist without independent artists. RavePool is a huge step forward in supporting them to continue creating, growing and contributing to our world.

Megan Clifton

Head of Narrative, Boomtown

I can think of loads of people this is going to benefit - can't wait to start using it.

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