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The Story Behind RavePool


The idea behind RavePool came from a talk given by it's Founder in 2021 at MK Geek Night, a regular meeting for the tech community in Milton Keynes, UK. Streaming services were (and still are) taking more and more income away from the artists that powered their platforms, and it was becoming ever more difficult for artists to get their music heard. It wasn't enough to just make music. You had to find a distributor or record label and get accepted, go through hoops (and find at each stage more money was taken along the way) to get your music onto decent platforms.

At the same time, some platforms that favoured the artists were having problems themselves, either being sold from owner to owner, or going out of business entirely.

Also at the same time, owning music was becoming more expensive, because prices for purchasing tracks were going up, mostly to pay for all the people in the middle that needed payment for their services to get onto the platforms that were now keeping more money for themselves.

All of this meant that many music fans and DJs (both newcomers and established ones) were starting to turn to alternatives like peer-to-peer music sharing networks to get their music illegally.

This wasn't and isn't fair for the most important people in all of this - the artists - who are the lifeblood of the music scene.

Why RavePool is Great for Artists

RavePool is designed to balance fairness for artists along with making things easy for DJs and music fans who want to make sure artists are paid fairly for the music. The people behind RavePool include DJs, artists, and label owners, so we hope we've got the balance right:

  • Exposure is difficult. To get onto major platforms usually requires a distributor, which takes a cut after the platform has already taken theirs, which means less back for the artist. RavePool brings everything together reducing the need for distributors.

  • There are band-centric platforms but each release has to be promoted individually, usually through social media.

  • Streaming services pay a pittance for your music. RavePool pays up to £16 per month per downloader of your track.

  • Tracks stay in RavePool for 3 months ensuring your content stays relevant to your fans.

  • Insights let you know who is downloading your track and what they like.

  • Absolutely FREE to sign up and start promoting your music.
Why RavePool is Great for DJs and Fans

As well as being producers, RavePool staff are also DJs and huge fans of electronic music. We know how long it takes to find the best new music, so we've tried to save you both time and money finding the ultimate dance floor bangers:

  • No more needing to spend hours trawling for new music, it's all waiting in your inbox when you sign in.

  • All music available has been released in the last 3 months so you know you're up to date music-wise.

  • It's cheaper than buying tracks individually. No more paying up to £2 for a track, you'll only ever pay one monthly subscription no matter how much you download.

  • You're supporting your artists directly, without money being taken by distributors, men-in-the-middle or shady multi-millionaire tech corporations. You can sleep safe in the knowledge you're providing your artists more than any streaming service would.

  • Finally, you own the music you download. It's yours to keep forever.

Revenue Comparison

Figures often speak for themselves.
Here's why we think RavePool beats other platforms.
We take your subscription, take just £4 for the upkeep of our service,
and split the remainder between all the tracks that you downloaded.

Streaming Service

Based on 20 Streams Per Month
Subscription Fee: £11
Payment: £0.003 per track paid to distributor, then reduced cost paid to label, and reduced cost paid to artist.
Artist Revenue: As little as £0.02
Service keeps: £10.40

Based on 1 Stream Per Month
Artist Revenue: As little as £0.001

Digital Record Store

Based on 20 Downloads Per Month
Cost to DJ: £0.75 to £1.99 per track, £15-£39.80 for 20 track downloads
Artist revenue: £0.18-£0.56 per track after costs for site/ distributors/label taken
Service keeps: £3-£7.96

Based on 1 Download Per Month
Artist Revenue: As little as £0.18

Based on 20 Downloads Per Month
Subscription Fee: £20 flat fee
Artist revenue: £0.80 per track
Service keeps: £4

Based on 1 Download Per Month
Artist Revenue: £16.00

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